YOUR DECISIONS MATTER. Hard choices you make at the beginning come back to haunt you at the end. Characters may turn out to be heroic or villainous depending on how you treat them, and they don’t always reward you for treating them well.

NO TWO COUNTRIES PLAY ALIKE. Each adoptive country has its own unique vocabulary, set of cultural values, prejudices, and history. Choices that produce good results in one country turn out to be a reaaaaally bad idea in another. Like a real immigrant, you’ll have to read your new culture and learn to adapt.

NOT JUST BLACK AND WHITE. No faction reputation system! No alignment meter! Four Horsemen offers realistic, genuinely difficult choices, and to some questions there are no right answers, only different consequences.

DELIGHTFUL CRAFTING SYSTEM. Make that cold, austere war bunker feel like home! Dive into dumpsters scrounging for parts, or buy them with your earnings from your terrible day job! Build reasonable DIY facsimiles of things you can’t afford! Characters interact with items you obtain. Make a disco ball and they’ll throw a dance party, patch up that hole in the roof and they’ll enjoy a quiet moment together on a rainy day. But beware–the system is not exactly fair to immigrants…

TRIUMPH OVER HATE. What do you do when you’re on the receiving end of a hate crime? Do you try to de-escalate the situation with words…or do you draw your homemade knife? Our combat system replicates the anxiety, terror, and uncertainty of real violence, not a power fantasy. You’ll need to use your wits to make it out in one piece.

THE MOST SOPHISTICATED PROFANITY SYSTEM IN VIDEO GAMES. Learn to swear in ten different real-world languages! Native speakers have carefully audited the game’s vocabulary to ensure that teenage characters sound like real teenagers.